Summer Ends Early

I sold my red couch on, it reminded me too much of lazy sleeping, I did not want to do anymore. So now I am back to straight back chairs, and tables, everywhere.

My life has taken unexpected [expected] turns lately, comings and goings of friends from my life.

I helped a friend reduce household possessions to 400 pounds for shipping by air, it forces one to think about what is important, in the George Carlin "stuff" kind of way. I have been simplifying my life, selling possessions is almost as cathartic.

I have returned for the fall to teaching, having been invited to lecture at Fordham University discussing web design.

The sweet dog, mentioned elsewhere, has gone to visit my friend's mother for the next two years, so there is no longer dog hair everywhere. I have taken to strange thoughts of keeping some of the little clumps that keep showing up around my house. Then the thought turns odd, as I imagine a little ribbon around the hair, pressed in a book. So I reluctantly put the hair in the kitchen trash, and just miss that dog.

I have been talking to myself on the street more, riding my bicycle more, and meet unexpectedly with quiet genius everywhere I go.

One of my old friends is fighting losing her eyesight, but having a show of her paintings, and life appears more stable for that.

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